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Emilie Kay owner and curator of Assemblage boutique who is a graduate alumni of Rhode Island School of Design RISD of Providence and lives in Aspen Snowmass Village Colorado

Emilie Kay

Emilie is the Owner and Buyer of Uncommon Luxe. She is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and has traveled extensivley around the world. Uncommon Luxe is an online boutique focused on promoting the production of traditional and contemporary functional art and building a community of artists, designers and collectors from around the world. The curated collection has an elevated culturally conscious aesthetic combined with refined craftsmanship. Unfortunately, due to social and economic factors, traditional art forms and crafts are disappearing around the world. The arts are influential factors in creating cultural identity. Emilie believes it is incredibly important to help keep them alive, and her hope is Uncommon Luxe will have a small part in doing so.

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